Linen Rental
WRC Laundry and Linen Services recognizes that the opportunity to partner with your organization requires much more than just quality linen and value-added service. As your business partner we recognize your need to gain, or sustain, a competitive operational advantage in your market. Consequently, at WRC Laundry and Linen Services, we merge technology with our value0added service team and underpin it with a state-of-the-art production operation to give you a Linen Mangagement Strategy that matches both your long-term needs and daily operations. We take full advantage of technological advances in laundry management and logistics systems to ensure the most cost effective solution for you facility.

Customer Owned Goods “COG”
At WRC Laundry and Linen Services, we realize that every customer is different in their operating needs and their overall business plan to care for patients. We recognize the importance of remaining flexible and customizing the “right” linen program for each customer. For this reason, WRC Laundry and Linen Services not only specialized in rental services, we also have the capability to expand services to Customer Owned Goods “COG”. With our available resources and capacity in our existing plant facility, WRC Laundry and Linen Services can provide COG services from our current operating space.

Linen Management
WRC Laundry and Linen Services recognizes that linen management can be very challenging. WRC Laundry and Linen Services Linen Management can bring all the pieces together in the hands of experienced linen professionals. WRC Laundry and Linen Services can provide a dedicated and responsible linen manager to work with your team, which will allow you to focus on your core competencies. This individual/team will act as a single point of contact and will coordinate all linen program activities over the life of the agreement.

Linen Distribution
Linen Distribution Management is a service provided to customers to manage the entire linen process from point of clean linen delivery to the point of soiled linen return. With WRC Laundry and Linen Services Linen Distribution Services there is only one focus – linen! The assigned team spends all of their time devoted to meeting each hospitals’ clinics unique needs and assuring a high level of customer satisfaction. This enables the various departments and hospital staff to focus valuable time and resources on what they do best – providing quality patient care. The WRC Laundry and Linen Services Distribution Team can bring you added value benefits through:

  • FREE Linen Management software tools to better track departmental utilization
  • The assistance of cross training other hospital/clinic departments (i.e. Environmental Services) can eliminate further dedicated linen distribution FTE’s.
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